Does My Tampa Small Business Need Social Media Marketing In 2024?

The short answer is, YES!

Great social media marketing in Tampa FL is an absolute must for any business with an online presence in this day and age. Targeted campaigns will increase your audience and use the power of their social connections to spread your message.

Our goal is to create strategies that will build conversations with your potential customers so that when they are in the market for your product or service, they will think of you.

Evolution of Social Media

Social media marketing is constantly evolving. Brands don’t exclusively talk to prospects through newspapers and TV anymore, they communicate with them online. This means PR should be more flexible and should evolve with the tastes of the audience.

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Your audience is not a captive market anymore.

Consumers can now choose what they engage with. Great PR should tell a story and convince the consumer to choose your products and services over your competition.

This definitely does not mean that you should bombard your social media with only new products and offers. To your viewers, this will look like spam, similar to email spam. It’s about connecting with your potential and current audience by informing them about newsworthy information.

How We Can Help With Your Digital Marketing!

Social media signals play a huge role in local and global brand recognition. BroadLink Media in New Port Richey, incorporates the most current marketing strategies and most effective tools to deliver a social marketing campaign that will build a community of customers.

We help to reinforce your brand in social circles so your viewers gain an understanding of your brand and what services you have to offer.

Our goal is to create a strategy that engages your visitors so they keep coming back.

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In addition, we will watch industry leaders to look for viral messages to increase your fan base and brand recognition. Branding plays a huge role and adds value to your business in the long run.

We will build a strategic roadmap to increase your social media outreach, ROI, and online presence. This is accomplished by:

  • Creating and maintaining your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.
  • Creating posts, answering questions and acting on your company’s behalf for customer service related issues.
  • Posting info-graphics and promotional videos to your various marketing channels.
  • Heavily focus on obtaining Facebook shares, likes, re-tweets, buzzes, and stumbles of your marketing content.
  • Closely monitoring your online reputation and responding to negative reviews in a professional manner.
  • Help build a positive online reputation for your company.

Powerful Social Media Strategies

Social media strategies must be planned based on views and performance. This is not something that can be guessed because you “feel” your community wants to see it.

We need to be proactive and reactive to trends in your niche to answer the needs of your potential customers. This gives us the ability to customize your content so it’s informational and has a better chance of interaction. We focus on:

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    Forming a Strategy – We first determine the needs of our client, then, strategize around their customer base. This will help us identify which social networks are most important to your business.
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    Content & Promotion Strategy – We establish a plan for content creation and work to promote it across your social media accounts. Engaging content will encourage your viewers to make purchases and share their experiences with friends and family.

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    Increasing Influence – As you gain more followers, you will increase your social influence and authority. The more engaging content your company creates, the more influential you will become.

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

At this point you’re probably wondering,

“How much will all this content, promotion, PR, and monitoring cost me?”

Well that’s a tough one to answer universally, because each industry requires a different level of effort on our part. For example,

If you sold healthy lifestyle products such as vitamins, supplements, and crèmes, you would need multiple article and blog posts weekly in order to maintain your authority in a very competitive marketplace.

On the other hand, if you sold pest control services in a limited geographic area then you would only need one or two posts a week.

That being said the price can be drastically different between two different companies. The best route would be to contact us (813) 467-7781, email us here, or skype BroadLinkMedia and we will determine a price that best fits your needs.

The average price can range from $200-$500 /mo. for managing and maintaining your social media accounts. That price does not include SEO. However, if you buy our Premium SEO service this social media package will be included.