Our Story

“In 2014, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of South Florida and landed my first professional job as a marketing manager for a large roofing company.

They had hired an SEO company to get them higher rankings in Google. However, they weren’t getting the results they expected so they had me analyze their performance. After learning how SEO worked I realized that this company barely did anything for us while charging us monthly for over a year. Then, when we tried cancelling the service they held us under contract even though they weren’t producing the content that was promised. We, unfortunately, had to get lawyers involved, and this was the second time this business owner had been burned by an SEO company!” – Mike Solomon

After this horrible experience, I had a vision of creating Broadlink Media. Where we’d offer transparent marketing campaigns that can easily be tracked so that our clients can see improvements on a month to month basis. Most importantly, NO BINDING CONTRACTS!

Why choose us

Our skillset is beyond an average SEO company. Our commitment to satisfying our customers is unsurpassable, and our proficiency is unmatched.

  • All-in-one digital marketing services.
  • University educated marketing team.
  • Quality and creative design services.
  • Fully transparent campaign process.
  • Built for conversion not page views.

Here at Broadlink Media we strive on doing things the right way using white hat SEO strategies. We consider you a partner, not just a client. That’s why we will share our ranking techniques and campaign strategies which set us apart from other SEO companies in Tampa FL. We can assure you with the level of transparency we offer that your reputation will be safe with us.



Mike Solomon

SEO Specialist, Web Developer

E-mail: info@broadlinkmedia.com
Contact: (813) 467-7781

“In 2014 I graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Soon after I started Broadlink Media which focused heavily on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since then I’ve expanded my scope of digital marketing services to offer a full range of methods and techniques to bring in more business. “


We optimize your website within search engine guidelines to help you rank higher.

Paid search assures your website is in front of your target market immediately.

We not only make sure that your website looks great, but it’s easy to navigate and follows up-to-date SEO.

University of South Florida graduate with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. Specializing in digital marketing.

Targeted campaigns will increase your audience and use the power of their social connections to spread your message.